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Damage Control


B.I.C. Cartel

If you already gave up, can you really start again?

bic-newestcover3Braden Campbell is an amazing jazz pianist with bipolar disorder, and he gives up his talent because it’s time to grow up. As if driving a taxi is a grown-up occupation, that is.

Karen Watts writes, and has great credentials as a journalist and freelance writer. However, every novel she’s ever written is either abandoned or torched — because she thinks she isn’t good enough.

Robert Blair paints landscapes, portraits and … signs. But only the signs pay and a man has to make a living, right?

After years of false starts, marriages, abusive relationships, divorces, substance abuse, madness, frequent cross-country moves and plain old self-doubts, the three reunite with a new resolve. Karen bets them that she will be the first to “turn pro” — to take their talents seriously and act professionals instead of dabblers.

… She put her water bottle down. “Here’s the deal. Each of us decides to ourselves what becoming a pro is all about. Then we do it. I’ll tell both you hairy-legged types what. I don’t care what you think, but I’m gonna be the first to make that jump …”

To encourage and challenge one another to plant their butts in the chair and do their work, they form a support group called BIC Cartel.

They push and cajole one another and things start to happen with all three.

This is my first real stab at fiction. If you follow creative&dangerous, you’ll recognize the theme immediately.


Hard Reboot

dunsmall-art-hard-reboot-take2So you were outrageously talented once and forgot about it.

Life happened. Time to grow up. Got to make a living.

But you sure miss it. How does someone get back into it, recapture the mojo after burying it for so long?

In this book Eric Pulsifer points out the land mines, cuts through the crap and the excuses, gives you some practical ideas to begin on, and hopefully guides you back into the game where you belong.


Will Work For Exposure

cover-art-work4exposure-CROPmarked-titleEver been asked to work “for exposure? For a chance to prove yourself? Or for a promise of better things down the road?

Artists of all kinds face this. The rationale is, you love what you’re doing, ergo you’re not working. You’re not working, ergo we’re not paying you.

Or something.

This ebook will guide you through some of those land mines in the creative world, give you some ammunition to fight this issue and exhort you to seek full value for your work — whether your value is cash or something else.

Salted with war stories from the creative front, this ebook urges the reader to take a hard look at his values and keep his gift in perspective.


Meditations I: Brain candy from creative & dangerous

meditatInewcover-narrower-shrunkCreative? Got that inner fire and you don’t know what to do about it? Stuck? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to do next?

Eric Pulsifer, a writer/musician who spent years trying to evade his gifts, learned a few things the hard way about the creative process and shares his observations in a series of short, to-the-point meditations.

It’s all there. The uncertainty. The opposition. The blood all over the typewriter. The allure of the couch. The siren song of those who don’t want you to make any progress. And a little bit of perspective.

If you write, play music, engage in any arts, start new
businesses, do any brain work, or deal with ideas in any form, this book could be the encouragement or the electric cattle prod that you need to kick things to the next level.


Don’t Find Your Passion, Build It! (Why finding your passion is a crock, why you can’t be anything you want, and some other myths explained)

builditWe’re all here for a reason, though it’s not readily apparent. Each of us comes with that purpose hardwired into us before we were born, but it’s up to each person to find it. We didn’t come with a data sheet.

But there’s more. Taking off to find your passion is the 21st Century version of going off to find yourself. It’s a ticket to inactivity. But even if you do find your passion it’s useless until you develop it.

This ebook cuts through the mystery, points you to the clues, and challenges you to discover and build on those talents and passions.

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