Worth a look: Global terrorism map

It doesn’t take much to crank up a person’s anxieties these days. Just read the newspaper, talk to people, or go on the Internet, and you’ll see what I mean.

Even mentioning the phrase “homeland security” is enough to make a lot of folks go paranoid.

With this in mind, I checked out this website showing incidents that may or may not be terrorist-related. To be sure, this site also includes warnings, sightings of things that may be bombs, or even random people going postal. Also you’ll find the usual run of false alarms.

Here’s the incident map. Special thanks go out to blogger Chrissy Jo for bringing this to my attention through her blog.

As I looked at it, there were a few items in the States: A potentially explosive device found in Savanna, Georgia (about 100 miles from where I live). A suspicious package found at a convenience store in Florida (the neighborhood evacuated; later a false alarm). A mall shooting in Texas, which was probably a little he-ing and she-ing gone bad. A suspicious device found in Nevada, detonated by police. A radioactive scare near an Indiana airport. And as far as the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and the world’s other trouble spots? Don’t ask.

Anyway, it’s a really interesting read, and it might give you nightmares faster than that loaded pizza you ate just before bedtime. Enjoy!

Author: Eric Pulsifer

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