Whatever happened to just calling in sick?

In some parts of the country, they call it “laying out” from work. That’s about what this guy in Florida did, in a most novel way.

According to KSDK Channel 5, a Hillsborough man staged a burglary so he wouldn’t have to go to work. Said he couldn’t get his wife to agree on letting him play hooky, so he tried something else.

He called 911:

Caller: My door’s wide open, my windows to my son’s bedroom are wide open. My TVs in there on the ground.

Dispatcher: Did you see anybody when you came in or is anything missing that you you can see?

Caller: I called y’all right away. All I see is the front-door wide open. Called my wife and I asked her, we did go out the front door, right? She said yes.

Dispatcher: Did you see any vehicles driving away when you were pulling up or anything like that?

Caller: On the corner, right when I pulled up, a white kind of little Honda Civic pulling away. White, it had kind of like a black fender …

It wasn’t until the cops showed up that they caught on. They saw no signs of forced entry, so they told the guy he could get in a bunch of trouble for lying to officers …

A neighbor ended up telling a local reporter, “To me, it would have been easier just to go to work. Instead, he got a ride to jail.”



Author: Eric Pulsifer

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