Taking time off for Christmas … are you?

From Thursday, Dec. 19 through Wednesday, Jan. 1 I’m taking a break.

Well, sort of a break.

This blog, along with my others, will go dark for two weeks.


• Because it’s Christmas. (No, I don’t use that gutless “holidays” designation. Call it what it is.)

• Because I need a little time to pursue some other projects.

• Because I can.

• Because no one’s gonna read it anyway. Christmas is a bad time to scratch up any real readership.

• Because I need to fine-tune the infrastructure on this blog, and maybe scribble out notes for future posts.

• The only blog that will see any new posting is the one for B.I.C. Cartel, which is being used to launch my upcoming fiction work. Some of those posts may find a lead-in to this blog, which will be the only real activity you’ll see around here. Unless something really hot & hairy demands I write about it, that is.

Anyway, here’s to a Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.

In the interim, shut off the computer and spend some face time with those who are important to you, okay? Nothing to see here. But you are allowed to Skype your loved ones if y’all can’t get together in person. That’s the only special dispensation you get.

Shut off Facepalm and YouTube and all the rest and talk to some real people.

See you next year.


# # #

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