How to choose your social media site

So many choices, so little time.
So many choices, so little time.

Somebody asked me about which social media to use, and here was the answer I gave. Let’s say it depends:

Facebook: People I know.

Google+: People I know and others who share common interests with me.

Twitter: A bunch of random people I don’t know.

Linkedin: People I’d like to know.

Think that covers it.


Easy to see how Charlie Sheen’s Twitter snafu happened

Bet he never tweets his phone number again, as long as he lives.

Had to have been the tiger’s blood, h’mmm?

For the record, I don’t give a hang about most celebrity news. I’d rather not waste valuable blog space and bandwidth on such twaddle, and I’d prefer the dumb masses that dig that kind of stuff just stay off my blog. But this is too good to pass up.

Seems Charlie Sheen, while sending a private message to Justin Bieber (still can’t picture those two as buds), except he hit the wrong thing on his screen. Easy to do. Except it went out live to all of TwitterWorld.

“310-954-7277 Call me bro. C,” Sheen tweeted.


Sheen, who was last seen boasting about his personal habits and getting fired from his job as a result, has about five million followers on Twitter, so you know this went out to a bunch of people. And of those followers, many retweeted the message to their followers. Sheen ended up deleting the message and changing his phone number.

That’s how things go viral on the Web. It’s a tough guess at how many followers the average active user has. HubSpot reported that the average tweeter has 27 followers as of April 2011, but that number is next to useless. This includes all the folks who ever took out a Twitter account, tweeted once, followed nobody, and went on to other things. There are a lot of ghost accounts, abandoned accounts, too-new-to-matter accounts, bot-driven accounts, and placeholder accounts. So let’s forget them for a moment.

Considering active tweeters, the number of followers is in the hundreds or thousands. For now, call it 2,500 followers, a number I pulled out of my pants. But not totally. My personal account has a modest 953 followers, and my Twitter activity is purely in dribs and drabs. But you get the idea how this runs, and taking either number you can see how quickly something goes out on the Internet at the speed of a few mouse clicks.

Even if I was to put my phone number out on Twitter, I’m courting danger. There are a few folks out there that I may not want to call me. Simple enough, right? And not near as many people are as interested in my phone number than they are a Charlie Sheen’s.

I guess the point to this whole exercise is, be careful out there. But you already knew that. There are funny folks on the Internet, and it’s impossible to come up with a ratio of decent normal people and those who type with no pants on.

Whatever you type could go out to thousands, maybe millions, in just a few minutes.

Don’t be that guy.


How to tweet your job away, in six easy steps

I’ve been known to tweet. That’s using Twitter to send 140 characters’ worth of twaddle to the other tweeps (or is it twerps?) out there in Twitter Land. I’ll admit, it’s a lot of fun, and once you figure out how to get past the ridiculous signal-to-noise ratio on that microblogging site, it can be useful.

I’ve used Twitter to spot trends, to get up-to-the-second dispatches on some news event, and even to grab some background information on whatever I’m writing. 

But then, we have a lot of folks who use Twitter just to massage their diseased egos, or to spread a whole bunch of mundane crap all over the world. While many people have used Twitter to find jobs, quite a few used Twitter as a way to lose whatever job they had.

I got this from MentalFloss, and it’s a hoot. i urge you to read the article:

How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job:

“Hate your job? Want to leave without giving two weeks notice? Thanks to Twitter, it’s never been easier to get fired. All you have to do is sign up for an account and follow these simple steps. You’ll be unemployed in no time!”

Step 1: Drunk Tweet

Well, yeah, this goes without saying. You know your boss — or potential boss — may be monitoring you on Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media. But Mike Bacsik, a former ballplayer and now, ex-sports-show host, found out what happens when you mix the tweets with the Lone Stars. Or whatever he was drinking.

Step 2: Break the Law (or Just Anger Your Governor)

I tell you, you need to read the article.

Step 3: Have an NSFW Lifestyle

Step 4: Question Company Policy

D’oh! Never a good idea — especially if you don’t want your boss to know.

Step 5: Make a Celebrity Look Bad

Step 6: Don’t Get Hired in the First Place

From MentalFloss: ” … when recent college grad Skye Riley heard back from Cisco, the computer networking giant, about her job application, one of her first instincts was to tweet about it. Unfortunately, this is what she tweeted: 

@theconnor: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

The unfortunate part? An employee of Cisco, Tim Levad, came across her post while doing a Twitter search for Cisco. He replied to her by saying:

@timmylevad: Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.


You see, these computers, handhelds, and smart phones are dangerous toys. Too dangerous to be in the hands of idiots.