Gettin’ snarky about writing ‘for exposure’

If you’re a writer or artist of any kind, you already know the drill: Someone wants you to work “for exposure.”

Or as we call it in our language, “for free.”

And it happened again …

“I won’t mention the name of the guy, his company or his website, because that’s not important. I don’t want to send more Web traffic his way because that’s his game and I don’t want to encourage him. But he approached my writer’s group with his proposition.

“Basically his company — a media outfit from some big city Up North — owns a bunch of really choice Web domain names and he needs some content to fill his pages. Preferably quality stuff that fills a niche and brings eyeballs to his Web pages so people can then click on some ads and make his company a pantload of money. Or something like that.

“In return, the writers get “exposure.” Their stuff gets out there where it can be read.

“I don’t know what y’all call it, but I call it a scam”.

Truth be told, I had fun writing it.

Check it out in its entirety at



Elsewhere: Getting all creative, dangerous and geeky

Here’s kind of a run-down of where my work is showing up these days:


creative & dangerous

No fair counting that, really, as it’s my own site. Still …

Ideas are cheap (this one won’t even go live until Friday, but here’s a sneak preview).

3 graffs: Thoughts on accountability, writing groups, and the right to produce garbage.


No Brainer App Reviews

Is Flipboard’s Android app worth the hype?

Flipboard, long a popular news reader with other portable platforms, now brings a “wow” factor to Android users wishing to check the news. Flipboard has a lot of love in the app world….

At the wheel? OTTER promotes safety by auto-responding to texts

Do you like to text and drive? Do you like to live dangerously? By now you have heard that such a practice is illegal in some places, and highly inadvisable everywhere else. But…



Elsewhere: New creativity blog taking shape

I’d started this after thinking about it for a while, and the project is already starting to look like something.

The most recent entry in my blog circus is “Actively Creative,” directed toward the writer or musician or artist who wants to start doing it instead of just talking about it.

Or something.

While The Column is, quite frankly, a not-terribly-organized blog covering everything under the sun (although I’m taking more of a baby-boomer angle to it lately), Actively Creative is a bit more strategic in its construction.

Every week I’m having a longer “pillar post” where I do the usual stuff: Free associate, tell stories, dispense a bit of skewed wisdom and bad jokes. I’ve been trying to schedule those for every Friday.

But the main feature is the regular “3 graffs” piece where I touch on a subject in, well, three paragraphs. I’ve been posting those daily since starting this project, only pausing when I was on the road (which is the subject of next Friday’s long post).

I’m having fun with the shorter posts. A little shoot-’em-up encouragement here, a little shoot-from the lip there. The whole idea behind the 3-graffs posts (for now) is, if you are a creative type, don’t just talk about it. Park your butt in front of your computer or easel or piano or blueprints or telephone and do something with it.

I’m told we’re all creative. I’ve seen it lately in the durnedest places. What’s interesting is, not everyone realizes it. And those who do, try to deny it or bury it if they want to live a “normal” life.

OK, most of us think of creativity as something reserved for artists, writers, musicians. But what about the guy who starts a company from scratch? The person who builds a computer program with nothing but an idea and the ability to code? The chef who experiments in the kitchen and is willing to eat the results? The construction worker who has to think his way around a problem on his job? Even the sales person who has to present the same old wine in a brand new wineskin?

If you think, if you dream, if you get strange ideas, Actively Creative may be right up your alley. Check it out.

Go to to check the site out, or subscribe in an RSS reader by clicking on this blue linky thing here. Or go to the site and subscribe by email. And don’t forget to comment.


Late add: The name ‘Actively Creative’ didn’t quite ring my bells, so I kicked it around some more. The new name, ‘creative and dangerous’ (all lower case) does so much better for me.

So what’s the dangerous part? Check out the new About page for all the details.

— Eric



Elsewhere: Creativity starts with your butt in the chair

One of these days I’m gonna stick all these blogs under one cover. But in the meantime, I’ve launched a new one, Actively Creative.

Not much to it … yet … but that will change as my overly active imagination kicks in.

For this week: “Creativity starts with your butt in the chair.” An excerpt:

“… finally parked my butt in the chair and did some writing. And it was horrible. It looked like it was put together by someone who hadn’t written in a decade. Like it was written by a Martian. But still a victory …”



Learning about amnesia from Mariano Rivera

From Hubpages:

A short memory is essential for staying sane. That’s what also helps Mariano Rivera (although his leg injury has him out of action for the year) keep mowing ’em down in his 40s.

“If you’ve got depression, your brain will continually yak yak yak at you, mixing part truth and full lie to remind you of what a complete ne’er-do-well you really are. Kind of like a nagging spouse, except you can’t divorce your brain.”

Check it out.



Outside work: Getting some ‘droid time in, and some Dizzy-ness to go

You callin' me?

Doing more writing on the outside, and going geeky with it:

Using your Android phone as a USB drive – a very useful/cool trick:

Android’s built by Google, right? So what if you want to use Bing, Yahoo! or DuckDuckGo for searches?

Both articles appear in No Brainer App Reviews.


I found this while hunting up graphics for something else. Dizzy Gillespie finds his way to Google fame.

Mind’s in the playground again: Let’s try a real link, OK?

There. Just like that.

The squirrel-chasing may commence now.

We were discussing tools to help the disconnected, the scatterbrained, the ADHD types get through life … especially the self-employed types who must monitor themselves.

So. Click the link. Check out the squirrel. I double-dawg dare ya …




Being productive when your mind is a veritable playground

I admit it. Focusing gets tough sometimes, and I need some heavyweight tools …

“If I was to (oh, look at the butterfly) audit the time I actually get down to writing (cool … shiny object!) I’d be amazed I get anything done (the bathroom really needs cleaning). Such an audit (squirrel!) would indicate (need more coffee) that I truly am a hot mess (how are those Angels doing?).”

Check it out in Baling Wire & Duct Tape.