Elsewhere: Getting all creative, dangerous and geeky

Here’s kind of a run-down of where my work is showing up these days:


creative & dangerous

No fair counting that, really, as it’s my own site. Still …

Ideas are cheap (this one won’t even go live until Friday, but here’s a sneak preview).

3 graffs: Thoughts on accountability, writing groups, and the right to produce garbage.


No Brainer App Reviews

Is Flipboard’s Android app worth the hype?

Flipboard, long a popular news reader with other portable platforms, now brings a “wow” factor to Android users wishing to check the news. Flipboard has a lot of love in the app world….

At the wheel? OTTER promotes safety by auto-responding to texts

Do you like to text and drive? Do you like to live dangerously? By now you have heard that such a practice is illegal in some places, and highly inadvisable everywhere else. But…