Sharks in the phishing hole: PayPal scam still making the rounds

This guy just keeps turning up.
This guy just keeps turning up.

I saw this on Online Threat Alerts. Evidently this scam still has traction, meaning it must still work.

Why screw up a winning formula?

Here’s the story. And yeah, I wrote about it a few times:

More sharks in the phishing hole: Some folks never give up
Sharks in the phishing hole: That email really isn’t from PayPal


Real quickly:

– If the email has misspellings and formatting errors, red flag. PayPal’s more professional than that.

– If the note is sent to an email account that is not associated with your PayPal account, definite red flag. Don’t laugh. It`s happened to me a few times.

– Check the sender’s email address. That’ll tell you directly whether it’s from them.

Don’t click on the link. Just. Don’t.