Diving into the phishing hole: How to rebrand a blog

After almost a decade, 1,024 posts and several shifts in emphasis, this blog takes on a new face. A shark’s face.

Generally, a blog is a testing lab. That’s where the writer tests some ideas out, pitches them to the reader and hopes for comments that are not from some Web bot. Through the blog the writer finds out what works, what doesn’t, and maybe what people find valuable. While I’m not one to build my attack on what’s popular, I can understand value when I see it.

That’s why the shark. He’s an old buddy of mine, and it seems every time I feature him in a blog post people pay attention. It’s either his magnetic good looks or he shows up with my most useful niche stuff.

I haven’t named the shark yet. Reckon I should, huh?

Here’s the deal. The Internet is a crazy place, man. It’s the world’s biggest dispenser of junk mail, last-chance advertisements, and the occasional scam. Why? Because the crap is cheap to send and it hooks a lot of people.

Even your standard social-media meme deserves scrutiny. Like is it true that some dot-com gazillionaire wants to distribute his unspeakable fortune to the great unwashed, or is it just Internet blather? And if it’s the latter, is it the benign kind of blather that doesn’t hurt anyone, or is it bait for something else?

Here I plan to dissect the scams as they come in, research them and give you the whole lowdown of what I find out.

Qualifications? A decade and a half as a print journalist, and another decade as a journalistic blogger. This gives me the ability to sniff out rotten phish when I run across it, and a bit of a bad attitude.

Enjoy the fishing hole. Just make sure you spell it right and don’t bleed in it.

Talk to me: What should I name the shark? Please share in the comments.