Sullivan’s Island moves to ban singing, whistling, and the like on public streets

I’m pretty sure these laws are not written by someone who is from around here. There’s no way. 

From the Digitel:

Sullivan’s Island moves to ban singing, whistling, and the like on public streets (update: CNN picks up): “Update, June 23: What was that? The sound of a national network picking up the local News 2 report? Yes, it is. Check out the video on CNN.First reporting: Yes, it seems very silly, but they’re copying the wording of a North Charleston ordinance already…”

I wrote about this some time ago, when Charleston approved an anti-smoking law (modeled after similar ones in New York City and the People’s Republic of California):

… the smoking law came from elsewhere … like it or not, Charleston is a town of transplants. A destination town. A lot of expatriate New Yorkers, people from Ohio looking for a warm place to sit, and a bunch of escapees from Atlanta’s rat race. Mostly east coast people, though. I was once considered an oddity because of my California roots (although that’s considered to be plenty odd anywhere). Now, there’s a bunch more like me. Maybe I should apologize for kicking that door open; everybody wants to be the last person to move to a new area … write this down. People who move to another area tend to want a couple of things: First, they’re seeking a new life. And, once that’s achieved (or not), they seek to make that new town Just Like Home …  

Rick Huff, the late Bard of Folly Beach, wrote a song called “Come On Down,” an open invitation for anyone to visit this area just so long as they remember to pack their manners. In his song he decried those folks who move in, feel the need to change things, and “get themselves appointed to Decidedly Ridiculous Boards:” 

Come on down.

You can tell us how to run our little town;

Yeah, come on down. 

Don’t know how we made it this far without you around …

Couldn’t say that much better myself.


Author: Eric Pulsifer

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