Part I of B.I.C. Cartel uploaded, available

This is how we roll.
This is how we roll.

Well, some last-minute things on the availability.

Still waiting on it to pass muster with Amazon so they can make sure it doesn’t advocate world conquest (which it does). But it’s new.

You can get it on Gumroad and pay what you want. Or check out my author’s selection at Amazon. Through Kindle I’m pricing it at $0.99, but that’s only because they won’t let me give it out for free.

Yeah, I know. They PP’d in my Cheerios, but I’ll live.

Here’s the basic blurb:

Braden Campbell is an amazing jazz pianist with bipolar disorder, and he gives up his talent because it’s time to grow up. As if driving a taxi is a grown-up occupation, that is.

Karen Watts writes, and has great credentials as a journalist and freelance writer. However, every novel she’s ever written is either abandoned or torched — because she thinks she isn’t good enough.

Robert Blair paints landscapes, portraits and … signs. But only the signs pay and a man has to make a living, right?

After years of false starts, marriages, abusive relationships, divorces, substance abuse, madness, frequent cross-country moves and plain old self-doubts, the three reunite with a new resolve. Karen bets them that she will be the first to “turn pro” — to take their talents seriously and act professionals instead of dabblers.

… She put her water bottle down. “Here’s the deal. Each of us decides to ourselves what becoming a pro is all about. Then we do it. I’ll tell both you hairy-legged types what. I don’t care what you think, but I’m gonna be the first to make that jump …”

To encourage and challenge one another to plant their butts in the chair and do their work, they form a support group called BIC Cartel.

They push and cajole one another and things start to happen with all three.

This work will be released in three parts. Part II will be available through Amazon 2/02/2014.

Final version should be out March 5, 2014.

Keep watching the BIC Cartel website for more details and occasional notes from the author and characters.



Author: Eric Pulsifer

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