Leftover computer files, programs: Are they a problem?

A look at your hard drive may be a real blast from the past. Not just all your old files, but programs you’ve downloaded, tried and forgotten. It’s easy to clutter up a hard drive.

But is it a problem? TrendLabs seems to think so. Check out the story in Baling Wire and Duct Tape:

I have programs I haven’t used in ages, .iso files to old operating systems I’ve experimented with, notes for projects that (thankfully) died early, and aborted drafts to old blog posts. If you wish to see a profoundly disturbed mind in action, just take a look at my hard drive … “The best way to get rid of clutter is to throw it out,” TrendLabs advises. This means programs that are no longer used … good reason for that, according to Trends: “Unused programs are often left unpatched, retaining vulnerabilities that bad guys can exploit. It’s important to always patch and update programs that you decide to keep. The same applies to your OS.”

It might be a good time for spring cleaning. Unload your old programs or update them. While you’re about it, check out your social media sites for any clutter there … and please, PLEASE, delete any photos of you with Nancy Pelosi if they’re from a frat party.


Author: Eric Pulsifer

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