Go Google yourself! Lots of people do.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do have a real problem with taking a noun such as “Google” and making a verb out of it. It’s a practice that is indicative of the direction our language – and by inference, our civilization – is headed. But since we’re already in the handbasket ready to go, I’ll use Google as a verb, like everyone else. May the language gods forgive me …

Google yourself lately?

That does sound like something unspeakable, bordering on something Homeland Security would like to know about, but yes I have.

If you’re like 47 percent of the adults who use the Internet, you also have done this thing. However, I’m not real sure about the other 53 percent of Internet users – either they’re just not admitting to anything, or they lie like hell.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported this week that, yes, nearly half of adults did check themselves out on a search engine – and 53 percent admitted to looking up someone else, without counting searches of celebrity names.

Since you’re asking – yes, I Google myself every so often. Yes, I’ve said it. Being a blogger, it’s almost a requirement. I do this mostly to see if the search engines are “crawling” my work, which means more page hits and subscriptions. Also, I admit searching myself to find out if anyone with the same name as I is getting into trouble, thereby sullying the name. Or something.

Also, like many of the other admitted self-Googlers, I’m not all that worried about what I’d find on myself online. But it sure doesn’t hurt to check anyway. Of course, I’m more than a little circumspect about what information I’m gonna publish about myself.

Yes, I have Googled old friends of mine over the years. Through search engines I have been able to re-establish contact with two of my old mentors in the newspaper business.

According to the Pew findings, Americans are more likely to self-Google if they’re more highly educated and better paid – and if they’re younger than 50.

Gee, I just passed my 50th not long ago. Does this mean I have to stop? Fat chance.

In the meantime, I feel no shame and neither should you. Lots of people are admitting to it, so it must be OK.

Go Google yourself!

Author: Eric Pulsifer

Eric Pulsifer is a veteran wordsmith with experience as a journalist, editor, musician, and freelance writer.

2 thoughts on “Go Google yourself! Lots of people do.”

  1. I turned it all over to Google Alerts. Its the best bacn I receive. *grin*

    I purposely drop names in my blogs in case those may google themselves. I find that easier than googling others.

    I find no shame in my own use of Google as a verb. *smile*

  2. Now that I’ve thought about it, I use Google as an adjective too! *smirk*

    Do your comments follow? I’d love the Google Juice!

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