From Kim Komando: Watch out for ‘Microsoft’ email, because it’s not them and the sender wants information

If you’re still using Microsoft Windows and get an email from their Digital Crimes Unit, don’t open it. It’s not legit, and it’s not from Microsoft.

Doesn’t matter how good it looks, it’s still not them. Even thoug Miccrosoft really has a Digital Crimes Unit, it’s still not them.

In fact, not only is it someone else, but that someone else wants information. Your information. Nothing major; just things like your name, address, social security number, your credit card numbers. Oh, yeah, all your passwords won’t hurt either. That information.

This comes directly from Kim Komando, who knows a little something about Microsoft products. She certainly knows a lot more about Windows than I do.

Here’s the deal. If Microsoft wants to get in touch with you so badly about security fixes, they’ll do it via Microsoft Update. I understand it’s automatic now.

Here’s the story:

Standard email safety rules apply. Don’t open attachments from strangers. Don’t click links from strangers. Don’t accept candy from strangers. Shoot, be leery of links and/or attachments from friends unless they’re at least halfway computer literate.

I’ve yet to see these Microsoft emails in the flesh. Considering I’m a full-time Linux user (my main laptop has Windows 7 that I’ve maybe used once or twice), if I get email purporting to be from Microsoft I’d definitely be suspicious. Have fun and safe surfing. It’s a jungle out there.

(Special thanks to my brother Rick, who sent me the article.)

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