[From elsewhere] Knowledge is power, but unbalanced reading can trigger things

This was posted in another one of my blogs, Good Morning Manic Depression. OK, I wrote the thing. anyway, it’s highly-recommended stuff, especially if you’re one of those bookworms:

Okay, yeah, there's also that ...
Okay, yeah, there’s also that …

I think it was some guy named A. Nonymous who said libraries were a hospital for the brain. Smart guy, that Mr. Nonymous.

By inference, this means reading. Lots of it. Reading is good for the brain, it takes you places you’ve never been and you’ll learn a lot of cool stuff. It’s also healing.

I’m reading an article by Victoria Maxwell in BPHope right now, and she touches on the same subject.

Here’s what she says:

…bibliotherapy: reading books to help to cope with and heal from mental, physical, emotional and/or social issues. The UK’s Reading Agency which runs the Books on Prescription program states there’s “strong evidence self-help reading can help people with common mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, sometimes on its own or with other forms of treatment”. This has been my experience …

She included her reading list, and … well, check out her post and decide for yourself …

Anyway, check the article out.




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