Elsewhere: Lamenting dying Google services; seeking alternatives

My companion blog ‘Baling Wire and Duct Tape,’ dormant for almost a year, comes back up with news of another Google service getting the ax, and some ways to make up for the loss. No, I’m not talking about Google Reader, either. But I’ll miss Google SMS just as much.


Let’s say you wanted the weather forecast. Key in “weather 29406” — or whatever your Zip code is to get the forecast for the next few days. Within minutes it would come back, and you’d know whether to cancel that picnic.

That’s the service that felt the nip of the executioner’s ax. Suddenly. Quietly. Not even a whimper. Google-watchers were so busy with Reader that they didn’t notice anything else …

Check it out in Baling Wire and Duct Tape.


Author: Eric Pulsifer

Eric Pulsifer is a veteran wordsmith with experience as a journalist, editor, musician, and freelance writer.

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