Elsewhere: After finishing a good work, things can get uglier

After finishing a good work, things can get uglier

“Have you ever had a moment where you knew you made it, that you’ve reached all your goals? If I do, just take me behind the barn and shoot me. If I ever reach that point I’ve made it, then what do I do next? … success scares me even more than failure.”

– Karen Watts, in B.I.C. Cartel

Who would have thought finishing something or doing a great work can be a trigger?

Apparently so.

I got into a debate with some co-workers about fears a few years ago. Actually it didn’t start as a debate until I made it so; I do have that effect.

But in our discussion I mentioned a fear of success.

It’s not just a fear of getting there, but a fear that comes when you actually finish a great work.

That’s when I look down from my perch. It’s loke the feeling I get from looking at a Peter Kaplan photo (check that out sometime if heights don’t trigger you). My stomach drops, my hands get all weak and sweaty, I step away from the railing. Far away.

It’s a long way down.

There’s no way I can stay up there.

Got to get down sometime because there’s no way I can sustain this.

There’s no more up, only down …

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