SC governor: Cyclists, motorists have same rights to roads

This was posted by blogger and bicyclist David Moulton, and all I can say is … it’s about time!

Looking at some of this new law, it is now a lot more in sync with bike/car laws in other states. But that’s not the issue; safety and survival are.

I do most of my getting around on bicycle, so of course I have an interest here.

Face it. There are plenty of idiots on the road. Many of them drive cars (yes, they are allowed to). And plenty of idiots ride bicycles, too. But while that’s good for debate, the real issue is that, in a collision between car and bicycle, you usually know who is going to win. That point tends to end all arguments right there, and it doesn’t really matter at that point who the idiot is or what he’s driving.

And while this new law is great to have in place, it’s still no substitute for safe driving, or safe biking. Or even — what a concept! — being a little considerate of the other guy on the road?

<end rant>

Dispatches from the Nanny State:

I see where chain restaurants in New York city are now required to publish calorie counts on their menus and other cities such as San Francisco and Seattle are considering similar action.

New York City seems to be in a tug-of-war with the People’s Republic Of California to see which can be the biggest nanny of ’em all. Most anti-smoking laws, among others, have their genesis on the Left Coast, but New York is playing catch-up — banning trans-fats in restaurants, and now this.

OK, it’s good to know how many calories you’re scarfing down at Mickey D’s, but does the government have to dictate it?

Dispatches from the smoking wars

For those of you who are watching the No Smoking laws spreading throughout the country, here’s the the latest dispatch on this front. As of October, you won’t be able to smoke on the casino floors in Atlantic City.

And from New York … Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox was warned that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his postgame cigar in the manager’s office at Shea Stadium. (Where have you gone, Red Auerbach?)