I’m a former reporter and editor, with 15 years in various newsrooms. Pretty much done it all, seen it all.

In that time my reportage covered the gamut from controversial to uplifting. I’ve helped point out some political improprieties in various cities, and maybe made some difference there.

I’ve also met folks like the guy who returned a suitcase stuffed with cash and checks to its rightful owners, spent time with an Arizona man staging a lonely, high-altitude effort to bring electromagnetic fields from power lines to public attention, swapped bad jokes with senators, and solved the world’s problems with mayors and congressmen.

And enjoyed every minute of it.

Now my forum is here. I’ll trot them all out. Commentary. News coverage. Reflections of the good ol’ days. And as a baby boomer fast approaching geezerhood, I’ll certainly ask those questions everyone my age asks:

1) Where are we going?
2) Why are we in this handbasket?

Enjoy. Have fun. Pull up a chair. And feel free to comment.

Also feel free to visit the Open Forum. It’s kind of like the Letters To The Editor section in your local paper, only much cooler.

Read. Laugh. Learn.


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