50 business cliches that really need to die

I like this. Found it through Twitter, and it’s worth the price of admission. Too many business types fall on these weasel words/phrases that, if they meant anything once they sure don’t now.

Here’s a sample:

1. Actionable. An actionable item is one you can take action on. Whether the action is desirable is another story. For that reason, an item may be more clearly described as practical, useful, realistic or workable.

2. Around. Don’t have a discussion around an issue; have a discussion about an issue.

3. Balls in the air. Sound less like a carnival act and more like a business professional by saying that you are busy or have several projects underway.

4. Best of breed. “Of breed” adds nothing to “best.” Just say you’re the best.

5. Big bang for the buck. A sleazy fast-talker’s way of saying this or that product or service has exceptionally high value.
Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/02/06/50-business-jargon-fixes-bloggers-business-content-writers/#VpbTYhh5AfJ89HTG.99

How about, if I hear this verbiage around me I must start slapping someone. Unless I’m the one using these putrid phrases, of course. Do as I say, not as I do.

The author, Brad Shorr, listed his original 50 chunks (as in blowing chunks) of jargon here. Not necessarily more objectionable, but obvious enough that he thought of those before he did the second batch.

They’re bad. They all need to be put to death.

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