They’re worried about fake maple syrup

I absolutely must share this. This is great.

Some background: While I’m ensconced here in the South, I have a brother who lives in upstate New York, where it snows a lot. Rick is the family’s token Northerner, and — unlike me — works for the state government. Politically, though, we’re similar, just to the right of Genghis Khan. Mom and Dad are still trying to figure which of us sits further to the right. It’s a close call.

But like me, he notices instances of government waste and, like me, he’s decided it’s better for one’s health to be amused than outraged. And he’s taken to writing about it.

So while the government seems to be going softer on violent crime and forgetting about the things that matter, Rick tells about how they’re cracking down on purveyors of fake maple syrup.

Fake maple syrup. We’re talking about the crime of the century here.

“… maybe he took the jug into the forest and showed it to a grove of maple trees. Anyway, he’s being prosecuted under current laws regarding mislabeling by the Food & Drug Administration. It is a misdemeanor … Schumer and Gillibrand want to make this a Federal felony. Ranking right up there with Madoff, DeLorean, the Five Families and Lee Harvey Oswald. Yessir, they need to save us from crappy syrup …”

Anyway, meet Rick. Read his take on the matter. Read it before breakfast, before you start pouring what you think is maple syrup on your flapjacks.