From the trail: Adventure always calls for a few views

Looking out from Springer Mountain. Take note, those of y'all who don't regularly experience fall colors.





I had to do my share of bragging here, and several friends have been bugging me for pictures anyway. But here are some shots from the Appalachian Trail, Georgia version.

The hike really starts here, at the summit of Springer Mountain. So what's in the box?

We’re almost ready to begin, but first there’s a little paperwork. We need to prove we’re there. But once we’re signed in, we’re ready to go.

(All photos by Eric Pulsifer)

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Derek signs the registry, and we're ready to cut trail.
John watches his footing, which can get a little tricky.


The trail beckons.

You can catch a spectacular view from just about anywhere.
Oh, did I mention the terrain isn't always level?