McHenry: What’s with all these czars?

Patrick McHenry, a Congressman from North Carolina, wants to know if those 44 so-called “czars” in the Obama Administration are really necessary.

McHenry, a Republican, says there’s a problem with these officials, who are appointed by the President without going through the Senate confirmation process,and he wants a hearing to find out more.

His comments came after green-jobs czar Van Jones’ current practices and past comments helped force his resignation.

This is from McHenry’s office

“Each of the two possible scenarios here is troubling … if the czars have high-level, decision-making authority as their titles would indicate, then it is my concern that their appointment without Senate approval represents a circumvention of our Constitutionally-mandated confirmation process.  On the other hand, if the czars have no actual power, then I am equally concerned that taxpayers are fronting the bill for the salaries of these figureheads and their staff …”

Here’s my take. Anyone who actually enjoys being called a czar should be watched. Closely.


This just might get me in trouble (part 5,483)

This was sent to me, and once my friends and I picked ourselves off the floor after the screening, I had to share. Does this make me racist?

By the way, this appears to be a real product. Here’s the website:


McCain faces rowdy town hall crowd

See how well this Obamacare is going over?

John McCain sure found out in his home state.

This is from USA Today:

The Arizona senator hadn’t yet opened up the meeting at a central Phoenix church to questions when one audience member continuously yelled over him. “You’re going to have to stop or you’re going to have to leave,” McCain told the woman. When security guards approached to escort her out, he told her “Goodbye, see ya,” to a round of applause.

No wonder so many politicos are avoiding the line of fire.


3,900 prison inmates get stimulus checks

Will someone please tell me they’re kidding?

Seriously, this is asleep-at-the-wheel at its finest.

Prison inmates are generally ineligible for federal benefits. However, 2,200 of the inmates who received checks got to keep them because, under the law, they were eligible, said Mark Lassiter, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration. They were eligible because they weren’t incarcerated in any of the three months before the recovery package was enacted … “The law specified that any beneficiary eligible for a Social Security benefit during one of those months was eligible for the recovery payment,” Lassiter said … the other 1,700 checks? That was a mistake.

I don’t care what the rationale is.